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Member Research
UWGB Psi Chi student members are actively conducting scholoarly research on a wealth of topics. Members also presented at APA, MPA, and APS, together with the Academic Symposium on campus. This page will highlight some past research. Click on the links below for presentations and conference posters.

Tonya Filz
Student Perceptions of Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Erin Ehres
Assessing veterans’ need for resources, and gaining insight into the transitional experience upon returning home from combat.

Areanna Lakowske

Putting Together the Pieces: Meaning Matters in Children’s Plural Comprehension

 Stephanie Freis
Sexist Brands: Empowering, Degrading, or Aggravating?


Darrell Teske and Joshua Bastinello

Male Body Image

Jill West

Are Beauty Pageants Sexist?

Christina Tosh

How Do Students' Study?

Krystle Lang


Tara Schuessler

School Fitness In Wisconsin


Andrea Schenkoske

Body Type and Impression Formation

Heather Klein APS_06BeautyPageant

Kristin Grudzielanek

Are Attractive Teachers Better?

 Casie Rindfleisch Objectification06

Mike Miller

How Coachable are Athletes?