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A Research Primer

Scientific research is exciting and extremely useful.  It helps us understand why we do what we do and explain and predict behavior.  More importantly, it provides insights into how we can improve our lives, and enhance physical and mental health, and well-being. 

Being able to understand the research process and being able to do research well is critical to being a good consumer of research and a strong scientist.  Here at UWGB there are many opportunities for you to learn  about research, starting with the different content classes and with specialized classes such as Experimental Psychology (Psych 300) and Developmental Research Methods (Hum Dev 400).  In addition, you are urged to work with the faculty as Research Assistants (Psych 496) or to do an Independent (Psych 498) or Honors Study (Psych 478).  Honors studies get you special recognition at graduation and can be critical to getting you a good job or into graduate school.

For more on why you should do research and how to, check out the links below and/or talk to Dr Gurung Psi Chi Advisor or your Psi Chi officers.
How To Do Research? Some Guides.
Methods in Behavioral research
Using a Subject Pool                                      Getting Approval for your research
Engaging Research Participants                   On Both Sides of the Consent Form

A Great Statistics Tutorial:
Online Psychology Lab Resources                

Why Do Research? Some Answers:
The Benefits of Lab courses                        Making Research Educational