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Psychology and Human Development Online

Why Online?

Online education offers the convenience and flexibility most working adults need, without sacrificing any of the learning. UW-Green Bay prides itself on the value and rigor that our online programs provide. Not every student can be on campus, and we understand that. When you don't have the time or the opportunity to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting, online education offers the flexibility you need so you can continue working towards a degree. If you are new to online learning, let our advisors show you how it works. Request more information today.

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Why Psychology

Why Psychology?

Ever wonder why people do what they do, make the choices they make? Learn to navigate the inner workings of the human mind with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in psychology.

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Why Human Development

Why Human Development?

The stages of life and the relationships within each are complex and fascinating. Understanding those stages, from prenatal development to death, can improve people’s lives. You can learn to understand how development is influenced by biology, families, communities and many other factors.

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