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Psychology and Human Development Online

Human Development Overview

Human Development is an interdisciplinary program that explores human growth, development, and change, and that conceptualizes it as a lifelong process. The process occurs in multiple and diverse contexts and involves biological, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development.

Degree Requirements

Should You Major/Minor in Human Development?

Human Development is a suitable major or minor for students who plan any type of career that involves working with people and helping to solve human problems. Because it is a liberal arts major, career possibilities are varied, but many options fall within the broad areas of human services, education, and business. Alumni have worked as staff members of a domestic violence shelter, case managers at a social service agency, and as employees for advocacy groups such as AARP. Other graduates are involved in education-related careers, such as educational support, daycare and preschools, and college admissions. Another area in which many majors seek jobs is the business world, whether in sales, customer service, or even human resources. Human Development students also pursue graduate and professional training in fields such as human development and family studies, gerontology, community and public health, higher education/student affairs, marriage and family therapy, law, and other fields. Admission is highly selective and requires very strong academic credentials. Faculty advisers can help students tailor their choice of academic plan and electives to their individual career goals. As just one example, although a minor is not required to graduate with a Human Development major, minors or double-majors in such areas as Business, Human Biology, Public and Environmental Affairs, Women's and Gender Studies, and Psychology may be helpful when pursuing some specific career objectives or applying to certain types of graduate school programs.