Tips for Career Success

Whether you are interested in a career that requires graduate school or not, there things you should do while at UWGB to help achieve your career goals.

Here are 5 things to consider:

  • Start Early: It’s never too early to start thinking about your career goals or how to obtain them. Even if you are in your first semester, give some thought to what you want to do and the types of experiences you want to have while at UWGB.
  • Focus on Developing Relevant Skills: Employers are not just interested in students who know things, but also students who can do things (e.g., data analysis, writing, problem solving). Take time to think about the skills you want to develop and what experiences you want to have to achieve those skills.
  • Engage in Individualized Learning: One of the best ways to develop those skills is to get involved in individualized learning experiences like internships, honors projects, research assistantships, and others.
  • Get Involved: Employers and graduate schools want to see students who have been active and involved in various ways. Students who work directly with faculty and are involved in student organizations stand out to them. Those students also tend to get better letters of recommendations because the instructors know them better.
  • Maximize Marketability: To be competitive for specific jobs students will likely need not only their degree, but also course selection and relevant experience that will lead employers to view them as qualified. Students who begin early with seeking relevant educational and applied experiences will probably have an advantage in creating a competitive profile for the job market or graduate school. Here are some things you can do to maximize marketability:
    • Part-time employment relevant to your career goals
    • Ongoing volunteer work
    • Individualized learning experiences like research assistantships, internships, etc.
    • Active involvement and leadership on campus (e.g., student organizations, student ambassadors, resident/community assistants, student government, etc.