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Career & Graduate Information

Although there are many jobs available for students with B.A. and B.S. degrees in Psychology, many jobs in health and human services as well as all jobs in academics (e.g., teaching, research) require additional study. The links on this page will help you decide what to do with your major, whether you should go/need to go to graduate school, and how exactly to go about it.

    What can you do with a degree in psychology? The Career Info link will give you a lot of different possibilities.

    Should you go to graduate school? The Grad School Info link will help you answer this question. Take the career decision tree first.

    Where should you apply? If you are going to graduate school options vary with the area of study. The where to apply link will provide you with some guidelines on choosing schools. Also use the APA Graduate school guide in the book shelf outside MAC C320.

    What should you do and when? It is important to start EARLY. The Timeline link will tell you what you should do and when. Junior year is a key time to start planning.

    As always please contact your faculty advisor if you have any questions. There is additional information on possible careers in the internship filing cabinet (between C319 and C317) at the Psychology department in MAC Hall.