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Psychology Career Resources

Career Opportunities:

The psychology or human development major/minor prepares you for any type of career that involves working with people and helping to solve human problems.  Sample careers include those in human resources, human services, and health-related fields. Career possibilities are varied, and include youth services worker, adoption agency official, sales professional, children’s librarian, career consultant, student affairs dean, and nursing home administrator.

Some psychology or human development majors may decide to study development within the context of the family, and they choose courses that will prepare them for careers such as parent educator, human services worker, family therapist, or childbirth instructor. The HumDev program serves as preparation for graduate work in family and human development, marriage and family therapy, developmental psychology, and related areas. Other students are interested in mental health careers, including counseling and clinical, counseling, or school psychology.

Many careers described require master’s degrees or doctoral-level preparation. Admission to graduate school is highly selective and requires very strong academic credentials. Your advisor can provide you with more information on how to prepare for careers or graduate school.  Also see the link on graduate schools.

Wondering what you can do with a Major in Psychology?  Some job possibilities are listed below.  Also see the Career center link here:

Bachelor's Degree

Careers with a Bachelor's degree in psychology can vary considerably based on students' specific experiences and skills.  A graduate with a major in Psychology, a minor in Business Administration, and excellent computer skills may be competitive for very different positions than someone with a Psychology major, Human Development minor, and various volunteer and internship experiences in human service agencies.  For survey results of recent graduates, consult the Career Services webpage.

Admissions Officer or Counselor
Assist students and families with the admission process; may conduct interviews, visit high schools, review application materials--Bachelor's Degree and relevant experience may be sufficient for some entry level positions
For more information refer to:

Child Life Specialist
Assist hospitalized children and their families
For more information refer to:

Children's Publishing
Editing, sales, advertising, art and writing of children's literature--Business, Education, Literature

Crisis Center Specialist
Entry level counseling--Certification (on-site training); teen runaways, suicide hotlines

Early Childhood/ Preschool Teacher
Pre-kindergarten Education--Human Development/Education certification and experience

Employment Interviewer/Recruiter
Employee screening & Interviewing--
Psychology, Social Work, Management

Health Educator
Plan and organize programs--Health field, Education or Science

Human Services Worker
Provide supportive, case management, advocacy, or other paraprofessional services in shelters, community agencies, halfway houses, group homes, and similar settings
For more information refer to:

Infant Caregiver
Provide care and education for infants & toddlers--State requirements

Parent Educator
Assist parents of newborns & develop parenting skills--Nursing

Parole Officer
Supervise probations and paroles--Experience
For more information refer to:

Psychiatric Aide
Intervention & implementing treatment plans--Counseling, Human Services
For more information refer to:

Recreation Aide
Assist in athletics programs--Degree or experience in Physical Ed.
For more information refer to:

Recreational Therapist
Facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation process for individuals with disabilities or illnesses through the use of recreational activities--Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation is usually required 
For more information refer to:

Research Assistant
Research, compile, and analyze data--Field of interest

State Certification (Elementary, Middle, Secondary) Required

Youth Services Worker
Provide services for children or adolescents in residential treatment facilities, group homes, activity centers, or other settings.
For more information refer to:

Master's Degree

Psychology, Human Services, Business, Management

Admissions Administrator
Coordinate student admission process and programs--Typically requires a Master's degree and college student personnel or higher education and experience
For more information refer to:

Adoption Agency Official
Coordinate services for adoptive parents--Social Work

Career Consultant
Consulting, assessment & evaluation of student career choices--Counseling, college student personnel/development or higher education experience in administration, management & program skills

Case Manager/Social Work/ Child Protective Services
Provide support services--Counseling, Human Services, Social Work, Vocational Rehabilitation, Management
For more information refer to:

Child Librarian
Organize library programs--HD, Library Science, Education
For more information refer to:

Children's Public TV
Develop goals and curricula, production and research--Psychology, Education, HD, Communication

Coordinator of Special Services/Director of campus activities/ commuter, minority programs/learning skills/orientation/Residence Life/Registrar
Counseling, college student personnel or higher education administration and experience in new student issues, entertainment or fine arts, legal counsel, training in learning differences & skills, management & program skills

Correction Counselor/ Probation Officer
Evaluation & coordination of inmate & probation programs and Psychology experience & counseling

Early Childhood Center/Director
Supervise Day Care programs & staff plan curricula

Employee Assistance Program Administrator/Counselor
Coordinate & implement employee support services--Counseling, Social Work or Psychology

Gerontology Careers
Includes a wide range of career options from counseling to nursing home administration to health care occupations--Education and experience requirements vary by occupation
For more information refer to:

Human Resources/ Personnel Manager
Oversee employee policies and programs (may include hiring/firing, employee training, benefits, outplacement counseling, etc.)--Business, Management, I/O Psychology, Human Resources
For more information refer to:

Marriage and Family Therapist
Counseling and psychotherapy with families, couples, and individuals that emphasizes family and other systems--Marriage and Family Therapy degree and license required
For more information refer to:

Music/Art/Dance Therapist
Develop and implement art-focused treatment programs--Counseling, Music, Fine Arts, Dance Training &/or Certification

Occupational Therapist
Assessment, development & implementation of rehabilitation programs--Occupational/Recreational Therapy & license
For more information refer to:

Pastoral Counselor
Counseling & accreditation

Rehabilitation Counselor
Assessment & development of rehabilitation programs--Vocational Rehabilitation experience

Specialist in Testing--careers, health, personality, intelligence, education, etc.

School or Guidance Counselor
Counseling, consultation, and similar tasks in school setting--School Counseling degree and certification required
For more information refer to:

School Psychologist 
Assessment, consultation & counseling--School Psychology degree and state certification required
For more information refer to:

School Social Worker
Coordinate programs between family and school--Social Work
For more information refer to:

Substance Abuse Counselor
Implement substance--abuse treatment programs--Counseling, Social Work, Psychology
For more information refer to: 

Doctoral Degree

Administrator (Clinics)
Supervise clinical operations--Business, Management

Clinical Psychologist
Assessment, psychotherapy, consultation, teaching, or research careers possible--Ph.D. or Psy.D. and license required for clinical practice
For more information refer to:

College/Univ. Administrator
Coordinate and develop programs--Student personnel & development or higher education
For more information refer to:

College/Univ. Professor
Teaching, research, and service--Psychology, Human Development, Education and Family Studies
For more information refer to:

Counseling Psychologist
Assessment, psychotherapy, consultation, teaching, or research careers possible--Ph.D. or Psy.D. and license required for clinical practice
For more information refer to:

Consultation & development of programs--Education, Psychology, Human Services, Management, Business and work experiences

Director of Career Planning
Evaluation, testing, consulting, coordinating programs in career choices--College Student Personnel/Dev. or Higher Ed. Administration, Management & program skills & experience

Health Psychologist
Treatment programs that stress health--Psychology and Counseling