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Psychology Internships / Independent Study


An internship is intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in their Psychology courses to real-world situations. It offers them the chance to work in an applied setting of their choosing under the supervision of agency staff, who will also train and evaluate them. The Psychology faculty is committed to making the internship a quality educational experience that involves integrating academic learning with the performance of meaningful activities under the direct supervision of an administrator in a community agency or other approved, applied setting (e.g., public school, higher education admissions office).

Independent Study

This course is designed to help students conduct their own research. The instructor will aid students in running robust scientific research, enhance critical thinking skills. This course requires motivated, conscientious students who are capable of working independently. Students will conceptualize a problem from everyday life, formalize research questions, conduct literature reviews on the topic of choice, and then design and execute a research study to test their ideas.