Parking Citation Appeal Form

A parking appeal must be made within 14 days of issuance of the parking citation. Only one citation per appeal form.

If you do not receive a confirmation page, your appeal has not been submitted.

Fill out the form completely. Make sure you put a current address (so if it's the end of semester & you are moving to a different address, use the new address) as the committee only meets once per month. Once the committee makes a decision, if the citation isn't cancelled, you will have two weeks to pay the amount due before any further action is taken. If you have any further questions contact Parking at (920) 465-2301 or via e-mail at

Communication Preference:



In the space below, clearly state the reason(s) why you believe your citation was issued in error or why you feel you should be excused from the responsibility of paying your citation. (NOTE: Refer to the Appeal Guidelines to make sure your statement falls within the guidelines. Appeals submitted that do not fall within the posted guidelines will be automatically denied).