Sex Offender Information

Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry is maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registration Program, commonly referred to as SORP.
All information included in the Registry is available to law enforcement agencies. In addition, victims, neighborhood watch groups, and the general public have access to certain information.

Wisconsin Statute 301.45 required the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to create a Sex Offender Registry Program for individuals adjudicated, convicted, and/or committed under included offenses, or comparable offenses in other state and federal jurisdictions. Under Wisconsin Statute 301.45, a registrant must report his/her residence, employment, and school enrollment, while under supervision and for 15 years from discharge, or for life, whichever applies. The registrant must report any changes of residence, employment, and school enrollment within 10 days of the effective change. Registrants are also required to complete an annual verification form. In addition, registrants are subject to periodic, random verification checks conducted by the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program. For more information on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

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