Concealed Carry Weapons Law

Signage: No Firearms or Weapons Allowed In BuildingWhen Wisconsin's new concealed carry weapons (CCW) law goes into effect on November 1, 2011 all weapons will remain prohibited in UW-Green Bay buildings and at special events on campus.

If you see a person who is not a police officer carrying a weapon in a UW-Green Bay building or at a special event on campus please contact Public safety at 465-2300 extension 1, use a blue light emergency phone, or dial 911 (or 9911 from a campus phone).

As allowed by law, persons with licenses will be allowed to have weapons in parking areas and on the grounds of the university. However, do not assume a person has a license. We recommend you think "safety first" and please call police. Please do not approach or challenge the person you believe to be armed with a weapon. Our police officers are trained to react appropriately to those legally or illegally carrying weapons. Always call Public Safety if you see any suspicious behavior or someone with a weapon on campus property.

For more information:

Please e-mail Public Safety if you have any questions or to request a presentation to your group or organization on CCW in regards to our campus community.