Guidelines for Conducting an Investigation of a
Violence and Threat Policy Violation

Step Action
1 Immediately conduct and document an interview* with the reporting person, using the Violence and Threat Incident Reporting Form.

Assure reporting person that:

  • Reporting the incident was the appropriate action;
  • A thorough and prompt investigation will be conducted
  • Interview* other witnesses, as soon as possible, to determine if the threat is genuine; Consider involving another person to assist you with the interview or to sit in with you.
  • Document all interviews.
4 Ask* the alleged offender to tell his/her side of the story, unless he/she has committed a serious offense and criminal prosecution is likely, in which case University Police should be contacted.
  • Example: assault, battery, damage to property

Consider involving another person to assist you with the interview or to sit in on the interview.

5 Use the following guidelines for planning an interview with the alleged offender.
IF the alleged offender … THEN....
Has threatened their supervisor or another supervisor. A different supervisor should conduct the interview* and investigation.
Is believed to have made a genuine threat. Contact University Police prior to conducting the interview.
6 Consult with Human Resources, Dean of Students office, Health and Counseling, University Police or other resources as deemed necessary for assistance.

Interview the alleged perpetrator, using the following guidelines:

  • Communicate empathy for the pressure being faced by the offender;
  • Be non-confrontational;
  • Remain calm and in control of your voice;
  • Do not make threats;
  • Do not communicate your conclusions.

(The above actions will achieve a more complete investigation and diminish the likelihood of violence, since a non-judgmental climate is conducive to open communication)

8 Write a report, finalizing your conclusions and recommendations.

Complete the Violence and Threat Incident Report.

9 Communicate your conclusions and actions to the reporting employee, witnesses, and if appropriate, union representatives. Maintain appropriate confidentiality for the alleged perpetrator. (Human Resources or Dean of Students office may be contacted for assistance)
10 Route the completed Violence and Threat Incident Report form to the appropriate office.
  • Students – Dean of Students.
  • Classified Staff - Human Resources.
  • Faculty - Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff.
  • All Incidents - University Police.
In all situations, for represented employees, be sure to follow contract provisions regarding Union representation during interviews.

Established 06-2001