Computer, Printer, Software and Scanner Information

UW-Green Bay, aka Eco-U, has newly defined standards and criteria to use when evaluating printing options. CIT and Purchasing would appreciate the opportunity to share our findings and help you save money, achieve the best functionality, improve efficiency and help meet campus sustainability goals.

All across the U.S., printer consolidation has been found to save money by reducing the number of devices in printer fleets, and by ensuring that the remaining devices are most cost-effective to own and operate. Strategies include the elimination of inkjet or other high-cost printers, the sharing of workgroup printers and the use of multi-function devices (MFD's) instead of individual printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. Benefits include lower costs for hardware, consumables (paper, ink & toner), electricity and maintenance.



All printers, MFD's and scanners listed are Windows 7 and MacIntosh compatible. The prices shown are current, however, prices may fluctuate. Please check pricing the same day that you place the order.


Black & White LaserJet - Preferably networked to allow for everyday printing by multiple staff.

Color LaserJet - Networked to allow for departmental printing of color documents


If interested in obtaining an MFD, please contact Robin Kepler (X2693). Current costs for MFD's are 5.5 cents per page; however, with the new State Contract in place now, the cost per page is being re-evaluated for possible reduction for future equipment installations. See MFD Guidelines.

Here are some equipment features to consider when determining your needs:

Printers MFD's (Copiers)
Print Print
Network (option) Network (option)
Duplex (option) Duplex (option)
Color (option) Color (option)
  Scans to email
  Fax (option)