School Bus Rental (for inter-state and intra-state travel)

Contract #: GB 6182
Contract Administrator: Marie Helmke, ext 2598

Contract Term: 7/1/2007 - 6/30/2013

Payment Options: Purchase Order or Purchasing Card

Vendor: Kobussen Buses Ltd
W914 Cty Rd CE, Kaukauna WI 54130

Call: 800-447-0116
Primary Contact:T.J.
Secondary Contact:Joe

Pricing is based on the current diesel fuel prices. The following pricing assumes fuel is below $3.00/gallon. Click here to view other pricing structures. Purchasing will monitor whether application of correct charges is in compliance with the contract.

Click here for FY 2014 pricing


  Cost Per Mile:* Time Charge:*
Bus Size # of Adults Hourly Minimum Maximum
29-Passenger 19 $1.02 $11.75/Hr $62.58 $137.00
72-Passenger 48 $1.12 $11.75/Hr $67.17 $137.00
84-Passenger 54 $1.33 $11.75/Hr $67.17 $137.00

*Cost is calculated by adding mileage and time.

Other Information:

  • Deadhead charges of $0.85/mile will be applied against one-way drop trips (ex. pick-up at the campus and drop-off at the airport). They should NOT be applied on any trips that originate AND end at the campus.

  • All buses not booked 48 hours or more in advance will be subject to a 5% increase in stated prices.

  • Handicap accessible buses are available and will increase the listed price by 5%. School buses with lap belts are also available at no additional charge (48 maximum capacity).

  • Overnight charge of $35/night (in addition to stated prices) and UW-Green Bay is responsible for the driver's room. If Kobussen is responsible for the driver's room, the charge will be $105/night.

  • All tolls, parking or other miscellaneous charges similar to this will be billed at actual cost.

  • Account number: Use either 2162 (travel, non-employee/student) or 2164 (team travel).

Cancellation charges: Will not be billed unless the driver is in route to the pick-up point. Then charges will be time and mileage or $25.00 minimum.