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Professional Development Certificate (PDC)Partnership with QAARDAN

Graduate Feedback

Natalie M. Killion: "My PDC journey led to a much deeper understanding of the challenges facing students in the transition to high school. As I applied this knowledge through learning experiences and action research, I experienced new levels of leadership in my profession while becoming more skilled at using data to assess learning."

Amy Quinn: “How can I sum up all the things I have learned through my PDC experience in a few short minutes? I have come so far in my professional development during this rigorous two-year journey. First, I have learned that you CAN do anything you put your mind to, no matter how insurmountable it seems at the time. I am thrilled that I have met the two goals that I had set at the onset of this project; improving the quality of my writer’s workshop and meeting the needs of my struggling readers. Last year, at the completion of my PDC research, 96% of my students reached proficiency or above in reading! And at this current time, this year I am proud to say for the first time in my 23 year career, 100% of my students are at proficiency or above in reading. I can honestly say, this is directly related to my PDC experience.

But the area that has had the biggest impact on me as a professional has been in proposition 5: collegiality. As a direct result of my PDC work, I feel I am truly an active member of the Wilder School learning community. I have stepped out of comfort zone and have included this piece in every one of my Learning Experiences and the outcome has made me a better person and educator. I cannot begin to express the importance collaboration is to me now. Together we can accomplish so much more. Thank you so much!”

Kathleen Stilp: “My PDC experience has been a rewarding journey. I was able to reflect upon myself and my educational practice. The learning experiences and action research project were tools for me to grow as an educator, which in turn, benefitted students. I witnessed improved learning from students because of what I learned throughout this journey.”

Jessica Dresser: “The PDC process made me look at what I wanted to do to become a better teacher and then held me responsible for doing it. There are things I would not have continued with had I not been in the PDC and my students would have missed out on a lot.”

Katherine Thibaudeau: “Over the course of a trimester, I implemented explicit vocabulary instruction through the use of interactive games, graphic organizers, and word part learning. After analysis of assessments, my students gained as many as 2-5 reading levels and possessed a vocabulary that closely matched their reading level.”

Tiffani Schley: “The PDC program benefited both the students and myself by teaching and challenging me to look for how to offer the best for the student, not just better. I learned more about researching and data to ensure I am offering the best at all times.”

Nikki Logan: “The PDC experience has had a profound impact on myself and my students. The journey has taught me the importance of data-driven instruction and the positive influence is has on student achievement. It has also inspired me to begin graduate school to earn my Ph. D.”

Lynn Carney: “The program owes its success to the dedicated and talented individuals at the UWGB Institute for Learning Partnership. My PDC journey was an enriching experience that will impact my profession and my learners for years to come. ”

Brian Schley: “The PDC program pushed me to be well researched, provide evidence for, and evaluate my programs. I can say, with certainty, my students are positively impacted by the action research and learning experiences I have implemented.”

Tammy Vann: “The PDC program has been a learning and growing process for me. I can honestly say that each of my Learning Experiences stretched me in one way or another, which helped me become a better teacher. I have never embarked on such an intense learning experience, one that is self-driven with discovery, failure, and success.”

Lisa Koch: "Earning my PDC truly has been an insightful journey. Along the way, I became involved in more than what I had chosen for my learning experiences. I've met and become connected with many other Chemistry and Physics teachers, I have attempted the modeling method of instruction in my Physics classes, and I've created a resourceful Moodle site for my students just to scratch the surface of what I accomplished through the PDC."

Janice Hutterer: “Participating in the PDC process has allowed me to become a more effective and reflective classroom teacher. Implementing HWT® has a positive effect on 4 year old kindergartner’s ability to identify a big/little line, big and little curve, correctly hold a crayon, and their ability to imitate a vertical/horizontal line, and a circle and cross. Every child exhibited gains in their pre-writing skills and had fun doing it. As I took a look at each child’s individual skills I noticed that the children were able to complete tasks of identifying big/little line, big/little curve, hold a crayon and imitate a vertical/horizontal line and a circle and a cross. During designated handwriting times when teacher was using terminology. When asked to complete these tasks during centers such as art or blocks, children had difficulty carrying over the skills they learned. In order to help students generalize, I put up pictures of lines and curves in every center for the children to refer to. The visual cue seemed to help most children and I started observing students painting lines and curves and also letters. Data gathered based on previous point system is presented below. The last source of data I collected was student work sample along with a picture of the grasp they used while completing the task. All of the children were able to imitate a vertical/horizontal line, a circle and a cross and 9 out of 10 students held the writing utensil correctly.

Upon completion of my action research and data collecting, I presented to the 4K administrators and fellow 4K teaching staff. Because of my findings, presentation of materials, and data collecting, an enormous interest was taken on implementing HWT® in all 4K classrooms throughout the district. I have been informed that many of the teachers are using it and the ones that aren’t are lacking materials. “