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Professional Development Certificate (PDC)Partnership with QAARDAN

How Does The Accomplished Educator PDC Work?

This certificate program includes: core seminars (both face to face and online); an Individual Learning Plan including varied and rigorous Learning Experiences, Action Research, substantive professional reading and a final Portfolio.

The PDC program is self-paced; program completion is generally accomplished in 12 to 36 months.

Five Core Seminars

Individual Learning Plan


  • Orientation; Standards; Learning Experiences
  • Planning Action Research;
  • Collegiality; the ILP
  • Inquiry and Reflection; Conducting Action Research
  • Database decisions; The Learning Community
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Learning Experiences and Action Plan based on the teaching standards
  • Action Research
  • Professional Reading
  • Self-assessment (professional teaching standards)
  • Learning Experiences: Description and Reflection
  • Connection to student learning
  • Action Research Report and
  • abstract for PDC Data Bank
  • Annotated Bibliography

PDC Seminar Structure



Delivery Mode Details

Seminar I A & B
  • Orientation, Program Overview & Standards
  • Learning Experiences
  • Developing the Individual Learning Plan
    Seminar will be held on the UW-Green Bay Campus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Seminar II
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Refinement of PDC Topic
  • Inquiry and Reflection
    Seminar will be held online using technology. Support of Collegial Opportunity Facilitators to support online learning.
Seminar III A & B
  • Action Research
    Seminar held in Nigeria. Team of UW-Green Bay educators would travel to Nigeria to conduct the seminar on-site.
Seminar IV
  • Data Driven Decisions, Portfolio Completion and The Learning Community
    Online programming using technology. Support of Collegial Opportunity Facilitators to support online learning.
Seminar V A & B
  • Portfolio Completion, Program Review & Graduation
    Seminar will be held on the UW-Green Bay Campus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Core Seminars provide a common knowledge base for Professional Development Certificate candidates. The Core Seminars and collegial connections give candidates an opportunity to work and learn together. Seminar attendance is required. Seminars must be attended in order.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) provides a structure and plan for professional growth and organizes learning efforts toward an Accomplished Educator Professional Development Certificate. The ILP is personally designed to build on each candidate’s prior experience and career goals. Teams or partners may develop an ILP but assessment is individual.

Action Research Project

Action Research Project: focuses on a particular problem or aspect of practice as a reflective investigation for the purpose of improving student learning. School support is an important part of the project. Action Research projects may be done by an individual, by partners, or by teams.

Assessment / Quality Review Board (QRB)

Assessment is administered by the PDC Quality Review Board (QRB) and includes the formative review of the Learning Plan, Action Research proposal as well as final scoring of the Portfolio.

Quality Review Board (QRB): The Quality Review Board (QRB) is the board of professionals certified to review, evaluate and approve candidate’s submissions for the PDC. The PDC QRB approves the final PDC portfolio documenting program completion and granting certification.

Collegial Opportunity Group (COG)

Collegial Opportunity Groups (COGs): COGs meet with a trained facilitator to provide collegial support, progress checks for the ILP and portfolio development, peer critique, and guided reflection.