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Patrick Forsythe

Patrick Forsythe

Fall 2014

"The Behavioral Ecology of Outmigrating and Drifting Larval Lake Sturgeon: An imperiled fish species native to the Great Lakes"

Research Scholar

Fall 2013

"Effects of dam removal and habitat restoration on migratory northern pike Esox lucius in northern Lake Michigan tributaries"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "Water level loggers purchased for using GIAR funds were deployed from March-June 2014 to monitor water depth in three wetland sites restored as northern pike (Esox lucius) spawning habitat (west shore of Green Bay). Loggers recorded hourly water depth that was averaged and plotted to examine site differences (Figure 1; below). The Revolinski wetland was shallower overall than the other sites. Water depth was fairly constant while the water control structure was operational, yet was still influenced by rain events. The Resort Road site is larger than the other sites and can hold more water with the water control structure in operation. It collected a larger amount of water through the season and was relatively stable despite rain events. The Malchow site has no water control structure and shows peaks during rain events, but the system is less flashy than the Revolinski site and represents the most natural conditions. Information collected by water level loggers is crucial for understanding how adult pike use a site for spawning, as well as understanding the effects of water level changes on young of year pike growth and survival. This contributes greatly to the broader project goals of researching pike habitat use and preferences during spawning and early life stages, and will be combined with next year’s data to help quantify northern pike spawning success in these restored wetlands."