University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Research Council


Lisa Grubisha

Spring 2015

"Microbial diversity of floral nectar frequented by native honey bee populations in Wisconsin"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "In the GIAR proposal I submitted spring 2015, I requested $733 to purchase supplies necessary for collecting floral nectar and subsequent isolation of DNA of nectar-dwelling microbes. This proposal was awarded for the entire $733. The supplies were purchased by the end of April 2015 and included micropipets for collecting nectar from flowers and a DNA isolation kit for isolation of both bacterial and fungal DNA. Samantha Nellis, the graduate student working on this project, collected nectar from over 250 flowers during the summer 2015. She completed the DNA isolations of these 250 samples by December 2015. Samantha is well on her way to moving onto the next steps on this project. This funding was crucial for advancing her MS thesis project. During the summer she was also able to analyze the 250 nectar samples for sugar content, an important reward for pollinators. The DNA sequence data that will be generated will be used as preliminary data for a larger research grant to further explore species interactions of pollinators, nectar-dwelling microbes, and plant reproduction and fitness."