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Jenell Holstead

Jenell Holstead

Fall 2014

"Impact of PowerPoint on Student Learning"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "Dr. Jenell Holstead presented empirical research at the American Evaluation Association Conference in Denver, Colorado, in October 2014. Her paper entitled The Impact of PowerPoint Text on Student Learning was presented during the conference. The accepted paper presentation examined the question: Does the use of text within PowerPoint facilitate (or impede) student learning? To examine this, Dr. Holstead conducted a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) study. During the fall of 2013, she utilized PowerPoint as she had done in the past for HUM DEV 332: Middle Childhood and Adolescence class (n=83). The PowerPoint presentations included both text in bullet point format and figures/graphs. In the spring 2014 semester, Dr. Holstead revised the PowerPoint presentations for the same class to contain no text, only graphs/figures where appropriate (n=44). Exam scores were compared between the two semesters. In addition, daily attendance rates were collected and analyzed, as well as CCQ quantitative ratings. A survey was also created to document student’s experiences (and preferences) with PowerPoint in the past and elicit student feedback specifically on the use of PowerPoint in the study.

Results demonstrated that the vast majority of students had experienced PowerPoint in almost all of their previous classes, and reported feeling as though PowerPoint presentations helped them to learn. However, in comparing the two semesters, the students in the spring (no bullet-points in PowerPoint) earned significantly higher exam scores and were significantly more likely to attend class. At the end of the semester, students in the spring (no text on PowerPoint) also felt the course was more relevant, more difficult, and enhanced their intellectual development more than students in the fall. "

Fall 2012

"National Afterschool Association Conference: Utilization of Data to Improve Program Quality"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "Because of the Grant in Aid of Research that I received in the spring of 2013, I was able to travel to Indianapolis to present at the National Afterschool Association conference. I presented a session entitled: Giving Voice to your Data: A Simple Framework for Quality Improvement. During this session, I was able to present the research I have conducted on out-of-school time programs and share with key after school leaders ways that data can be used to enhance the quality of programming."

Spring 2012

"American Evaluation Association Conference: 21st Century Community Learning Center High School Programs: Current Capacities and Challenges"

Grant in Aid of Research

Fall 2011

"Beyond School Hours XV Conference: Utilizing Positive Behavior"

Grant in Aid of Research