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Kevin Kain

Spring 2014

"The "Sacred Waters" of the "Holy Lake" (Sviato Ozera/Lake Valdai): A wellspring of hierotopic activities in the reign of Aleksei Mikhailovich"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2012

"Reading the Reds: US-Soviet Literature Exchanges during the Inter-War Period (1917-33)"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "I was awarded $800 in Spring 2012 to conduct fieldwork in Moscow, Russia for my research project “Reading the Reds: US-Soviet Literature Exchanges during the Interwar Period (1917-33).” All the funds were spent on the partial reimbursement of my travel expenses (airline ticket ($1350.00). In July-August 2012, I conducted two weeks of original archival research in Archive of the Russian State Library (ARGB) focusing on the unique materials contained in “ARGB Opis 264/1 Ed. Khr. No. 1-8” and State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF), employing GARF F. Р-5283 ВОКС, оп. 10, №s 77, 90, 167, 325 and 398; оп. 2, №s 300 and 301. Work conducted during the GIAR is having immediate effects on my scholarship and teaching. My findings in Moscow provided the foundation of the paper, “The Development of Eurasian Print Resources in the US during the Interwar Period (1917-1933),” I presented to at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Slavic, East Europe and Eurasian Studies (November, 2012). I am currently revising this piece for the submission of an article to the peer-reviewed journal Biblographiia. I am also in the process of integrating many of the English language archival sources I collected in Moscow into the History Seminar on “US-Soviet Relations 1917-1933” which I will teach in Spring 2013."

Spring 2009

"Seeing is Believing: Orthodox Visual Culture in the Construction and Contestation of Russian National Identity"

Grant in Aid of Research