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Judy Martin

Spring 2011

"Abusive Mothers and Fathers: Parenting Practices and Intervention Implications"

Research Scholar

Final Report: "In the spring, 2011, I was awarded a three-credit reassignment as a Research Scholar to continue my research work examining gender issues and child abuse. As a result of receiving this grant, I have been able to move the project along a path towards eventual publication. The project required extensive efforts to collect information from published materials, which comprised the first phase of the proposed project. Approximately 500 published studies on maltreatment were accessed on-line and produced a final sample of 105 studies published within a 10-year period in which parents’ gender was noted. Data analyses were completed using this sample. Because defining appropriate data for the study took some time, more time than was originally anticipated, which prevented production of a published study by the time the project ended. The next phase of this project will involve publication of findings. I have asked a colleague, Gail Trimberger, to participate in this phase of the project, which will insure that this step is eventually completed, even though I will be retiring in the near future. I want to thank the Committee for providing me with the opportunity to further our work on this study."

Spring 2005

"The Working Environment of the Indian Child Welfare workers"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2001

"Interdisciplinary Themes in Attachment"

Making Connections