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Michelle McQuade Dewhirst

Michelle McQuade DeWhirst

Fall 2013

"Performance and Premiere on the Composers' Voice Concert Series, New York, NY"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "It was a great honor to perform with my UWGB colleagues on the Composer’s Voice Concert Series on January 12, 2014. I am appreciative of the financial support awarded to me by the Research Council. These funds went a long way toward defraying the costs of lodging and transportation to New York and back. The performance itself was quite successful. It served as a showcase for the vocal talents of my colleague, Courtney Sherman. As a member of the ensemble (performing under the name a very small consortium) that accompanied Dr. Sherman, it was a thrill not only to support her performance, but also to be a part of presenting 18 world premieres (fifteen one-minute compositions on the “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” portion of the program and three longer compositions). As a composer, it was a thrill to present a new work of my own at this concert. My piece for narrator and chamber ensemble, “Two Weeks After Election Night, Mitt Romney Takes in Disneyland with His Grandkids” is a setting of a piece of “flash fiction” by UWGB’s Rebecca Meacham. The piece was well-received, and our performance in New York helped us to prepare for presenting the piece a second time (along with the “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” portion of the program) on the music program’s 360° Thursdays concert series on January 30th. These two performances were tangible outcomes of the Research Council’s support. Additionally, I fully expect that more tangible outcomes of performances and collaborative opportunities will result from the networking I did while in New York. I have been invited to perform on another “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” recital and to submit more of my music for programming consideration on future concerts. I made contact with performers and composers whom I hadn’t met before, and initial conversations about potential future collaborations have begun. These connections and new possibilities are very valuable to me at this stage in my career; again, I am grateful to the Research Council for supporting my work."

Fall 2011

"Fifteen Minutes of Fame: New Music Performance on the Composers' Voice Concert Series"

Grant in Aid of Research