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Daniel Meinhardt

Daniel Meinhardt

Spring 2012

"A Mammal Survey of the Brussels Hill Pit Cave"

Grant in Aid of Research

Fall 2009

"The Roll of Estrogen in Amphibian Skeletal Development"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "The funding was used analyze the results of an experiment that served as the basis for Pao Vue’s Masters Thesis, The effects of 17β estradiol on skeletal growth and metamorphosis of the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis). More details can be found in his thesis, but in summary, two significant results were obtained. In the modified treatment protocol funded by this GIAR, 17b estradiol increased the rate of ossification as it had in our preliminary experiment (Bauer-Dantoin and Meinhardt, 2010). However, while the preliminary results suggested that 17b estradiol treatment accelerated overall development, the results of the more recent study indicate that 17b estradiol treatment delays development, a result more consistent with other labs’ work."

Fall 2007

"The effect of Estrogenic compounds on the Pituitary-thyroid and Pituitary-adrenal axes in Frogs"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2007

"Study of the Effect of Endocrine Disruptors on Development and Reproduction in Amphibians"

Research Scholar

Spring 2006

"The Asymmetry in the Vertebral Columns in Frogs"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2005

Faculty Lecture Series Presenter

Fall 2004

"Morphological variation among the races of the American Toad"

Grant in Aid of Research

Fall 2003

"Relationship of Body Size to the Development of Animal Morphology and its Effects on the Evolution of Animal Diversity"

Grant in Aid of Research