University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Research Council


Sampathkumar Ranganathan

Spring 2013

"Study on Supply Chain Operations of Small Industries in India"

Grant in Aid of Research

Fall 2011

"Beyond 4P's: Enhancing Organizational Performance through Strategic Marketing"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "This study was funded as part of Grants in Aid of research by the UWGB research council. The paper was sent to Society of marketing Advances conference in Memphis, TN. It was accepted for publication in the conference proceedings (page 173- 174). I presented this paper at Society of marketing Advances conference held in Memphis, TN on November 4th 2012. Based on the comments from the participants and reviewers, paper was modified and submitted to “Journal of Service management” in January 2012. My participation in this conference was very helpful in converting this paper into a journal submission. Link for conference proceedings is given below."