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David Severtson

David Severtson

Spring 2012

"Collaborative Piano at the University of San Paolo, Brazil"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "I participated in an international music festival at the University of São Paolo, Ribeirão Preto from July 16-29, 2012. My role at the program included: teaching two classes every day in collaborative performing, presenting a lecture on collaboration, and performing a voice and piano recital with a university faculty member, Yuka de Almeida Prado. I have been invited to return and make one or more recordings in the music program’s new recording studio. No official plans have been made, but this project would likely involve performing new works by faculty members from the university. I have also been invited to participate in the next festival in May 2013. In conjunction with this experience, I will be co-leading a travel course from UWGB with Professors Sarah Meredith Livingston and Courtney Sherman. Our hope is that this will lead to a regular exchange between the faculty and students of our respective universities."