University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

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Christine Smith

Spring 2014

"Cognitive Flexibility, Attitudes, and Personality"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2013

"National Women's Studies Conference"

Grant in Aid of Research

Spring 2012

"The Wrong Prescription: Effects of Medicalization on the Psychology of Women"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "I received $400 from the Research Council to attend the international Congress of Psychology in Cape Town South Africa in July 2012. ICP is held every four years under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science, is the flagship event in international psychology. I was part of a symposium entitled “The Wrong Prescription: Effects of Medicalization on the Psychology of Women”, with five other feminist psychology scholars from the United States and Australia. I was invited to be part of this panel by influential national and international scholars in my field of feminist psychology. My presentation was entitled “I only care about your health: The war on fat women’s bodies”. My presentation addressed the disproportionate impact of fat stigma on women, and included theory and research from the new interdisciplinary academic field of fat studies. By attending this conference, not only did I have an international audience for my own work, I was able to meet and network with psychologists from around the world. In addition, I attended a number of talks and films that provided me with more material to use in my teaching and research. Attending this conference was extremely expensive ($2200 for the flight and $465 for conference registration, in addition to housing and food, among other expenses). The GIAR grant for $400 was the only funding I received, and I am extremely appreciative of that."

Fall 2010

Grant in Aid of Research

Fall 2008

"Sexual and Gender Fluidity in the Transmasculine Community"

Grant in Aid of Research