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Christine Style

Christine Style

Fall 2013

"Solarplates for Intaglio Process"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: The series of prints that I created using these KM plates are Genetic Explosions. They are 16” x 20” two plate color intaglios prints and I have five different works in this series completed. The work is currently in my solo show, ‘Christine Style: Visual Stories and Genetic Explosions’ at the James Watrous Gallery, (Academy of Arts and Sciences) in Madison, WI. My show was also interviewed by Scott Gordon of Through this grant I was able to create larger prints and use multiple color plates and will continue to expand upon the Genetic Explosions series. I am also now using the KM plates with my printmaking students. I will be updating my website with this new work soon where I’ll have images of the work within the Genetic Explosions tab. Thank you.