University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Research Council


Aaron Weinschenk

Professor Weinschenk

Fall 2015

"A Citizen's Guide to American Elections: The Success and Failure of Representation" (book project, under contract with Routledge Press) and begin article "U.S. Public Opinion on Government Policies to Reduce Income Inequality"

Research Scholar

Final report: "During my time as a Research Scholar, I produced a number of projects. My book, A Citizen's Guide to U.S. Elections, was published by Routledge Press. The book was already partially done before I started as a Research Scholar. I used part of my time to finish the book and to correct page proofs. Due to the upcoming presidential election, Routledge was able to expedite the production process. As you will see, the book has been reviewed (back cover) by some of the most well known pundits and political scientists in the United States. I also wrote an article about the book that appeared in the Green Bay Press Gazette. I also used my time as a research scholar to produce/refine/send out a number of manuscripts. I believe I made good use of my time as a research scholar and appreciate the university's investment in me."

Fall 2013

"Legislative Professionalism at the Local Level: The Case of City Councils"

Grant in Aid of Research

Final Report: "In my proposal, I requested 750 dollars to purchase a dataset from the ICMA, which contained information on city councils. I worked with my academic dept. associate to purchase the dataset, which I was able to download directly from the ICMA website after the payment had been made. I am currently in the process of cleaning up the data (it was in Excel format and needs to be converted into Stata format and recoded). I plan to work on the data analysis portion of the project during Winter break and begin to prepare a manuscript based on the analysis. My hope is to have a manuscript ready for submission by April 2014."