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Forms & Petitions

Electronic forms require an active UWGB network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active or if you don't have a valid UWGB network user ID, click on the form. You will have to create a user account at the log in page to complete the electronic forms.

If you are having difficulty accessing a form, please call GBOSS at (920) 465-2111.

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Registration Forms


  Course Registration Override / Late Add

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

Submit this form to the instructor of the class which your (course pre-requisite, a time conflict, closed class consent or late add) waiver is needed. For Business Administration and Accounting courses, enter the contact information of the Chair, Jim Loebl (, not the instructor. Once approved by instructor, GBOSS will process the form and enroll you into the approved course in SIS. Student will get a completion email once form is completed of the approved/denied decision.


Independent Study, Co-op, Teaching Assistant, Projects/Research, Honors

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

Proposal requires instructor and course Department Budgetary Chair's approval. Students will need to submit this form to the instructor of the Indpendent Study, Co-op, Teaching Assistant, Project/Research, Honors of their course. The instructor will forward the proposal to the course Department Budgetary Chair for approval. GBOSS will process and enroll the student into the approved course in SIS once all required signatures are collected. Student will get an email notification from after each of the instructor's and budgetary chair's approved/denied signatures.


Internship(Print Form Only)

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

Student will have to get approval signatures from Instructor, Internship Supervisor, and Instructor's Budgetary Chair. Once all required signatuers are collected, please bring completed form to GBOSS. GBOSS will enroll the student to the approved internship course in SIS.


Credit Overload

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

Students are required to forward the eform to get approval from their assigned advisor listed in SIS approval to enroll beyond 18 undergraduate credits or 15 graduate credits. After the advisor makes a decision, students will get an email notification whether they are approved or not. If approved, GBOSS will add the course to the student's SIS account.


Grade Change/Audit

Undergraduate/Graduate Students

Faculty approval for degree seeking, undergraduate students to change grade basis for a course (Audit, P/NC). Faculty approval for degree seeking, graduate students to change grade basis (P/NC - Graduate level courses may not be taken for Audit). Faculty approval for non-degree, special students to audit a course. Students will be required to submit the form to their instructor for approval. After the instructor completed the form the student will get an email regarding of the approval. If approved GBOSS will change the grade basis on the student SIS account.


Request to Remove Major/Minor Hold

Used when you have a declare Major/Minor hold and need to have the hold removed so you can register for another semester in order to meet additional entrance requirements for a restricted Major/Minor. Student will submit form to advisor for approval. After advisor complete the form, student will get an email response. GBOSS will waive the hold.


Request to Remove Math or English Competency Hold

Petition to allow registration prior to completion of remedial course requirements. Student will have to complete the form to Academic Advising. Academic Advising will remove the hold on the student SIS account within 1-3 business days.