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Office of Grants & Research


General Questions

When is the Office of Grants and Research open?

Office hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm for delivery or pick-up of materials. Appointments must be scheduled for proposal sign-off. (The office may be closed, on rare occasions.)

Who signs for the University as the Authorized Representative?

The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs has signing authority for awards, grants and contracts. Lidia Nonn, Director, Office of Grants and Research has signing authority on proposals.

Do I need to make an appointment to obtain signatures on a document?

ALL proposals must receive complete institutional review and approval prior to submission. A complete and final application for either a grant or contract request, must be submitted to the Office of Grants and Research at least five (5) working days (pre-submission deadline) prior to the sponsor deadline date.

An appointment with the OGR staff (920.465.2565) is required for immediate proposal sign off. Agreements and contracts require review and generally cannot be signed immediately.

How can I locate funding sources?

The OGR website includes links to resources to help identify grant opportunities. Some searchable database services, (COS, SPIN), are available to UWGB faculty and staff free of charge and is accessible from any computer on campus or thru the COS Expertise Profile link from an off campus computer.

Where do I obtain grant forms?

Most agencies have application forms on their web sites. If you need specific forms, contact us.

With the implementation of electronic submissions, it's wise to search funding opportunities within for the correct set of application forms.

Where can I get a copy of the University's Standard Research Agreement?

Please contact the OGR for a copy of the University's Standard Research Agreement pertaining to your specific proposal.

How many copies of a grant application need to be submitted?

Follow the agency guidelines as published in the application packet and/or specific program announcement. The PI is responsible for providing the OGR with a complete and final proposal for the office to compile, copy and mail the institutionally reviewed and approved application to the sponsor by the pre-submission deadline.

Who can help me with budget information?

Your Department Administrator should be able to assist you, otherwise the OGR and/or Controllers Office is available to assist. The OGR highly recommends the use of the UWGB Budget Templates to help you build your budget. If you are submitting an application for resubmission (reconsideration) or continuation, we strongly recommend that you work directly with the Controller's office regarding your budget development.

Contact the OGR to discuss what type of spreadsheet best suits your needs.

What are the UW-Green Bay Indirect Cost rates?

The UW-GB F&A rates are posted in the sidebar of the OGR webpage under grant information.

What are the current fringe benefits rates?

The current fringe benefit rates and their calculations are posted in the sidebar of the OGR webpage under grant information and links directly to the UW System Budget Administration website.

How can I obtain an account number to start expenditures on my grant?

The Controllers Office will establish an account number once they receive a complete endorsement package and executed award document. The OGR transmits the award data upon receipt of the award and a full application package including the endorsement, budget, compliance approvals and copy of the full proposal.

If I submit a proposal in response to a RFP or RFQ, is the process the same as it is for any other proposal?

Not necessarily, OGR will need to have additional time to process these proposals. RFP's and RFQ's pertain to a contract and contain representations and certifications, as well as terms and conditions that need review prior to submission.

PIs should contact the OGR as soon as they decide to respond to any announcements and furnish her with complete copy of the RFP or RFQ. Make certain that the full text of the RFP or RFQ accompanies the proposal which should be submitted to OGR at least five business days prior to the agency deadline.


Who can help me with electronic submissions?

Please contact the OGR if your proposal requires electronic submission. Though many federal awards must be submitted via, NSF and EPA have their own requirements. The Office of Grants and Research is the final site for ALL electronic submissions.

The OGR also offers hands-on training for some electronic systems.

If I submit a proposal electronically to the sponsor do I also need to route a paper copy?

In addition to the electronic version of an application, a hard copy proposal, along with the fully signed Extramural Support Transmittal Form, must proceed through the pre-submission institutional approval process. If animals or human subjects are being used as part of the project, an additional copy of the full proposal must be submitted along with the Endorsement Form.

It is important that the proposal hard copy clearly identify the proposal as an "Electronic Submission". After institutional review and approval of the hard copy, the OGR will approve the application for electronic submission to the sponsor.

An individual wants to donate equipment or other tangible goods to my department. How do I go about accepting this gift?

Please use the "Non Cash Gift Form" located in the Controller's website.

I have a Material Transfer Agreement for some materials that I have requested from a company. Can I sign it and send it back? If not, how do I process this?

You cannot sign a Material Transfer Agreement and return it without going through the University transmittal process. The Purchasing Office staff must review and, if necessary, negotiate the agreement.

I need to request a no-cost extension on my nonfederal grant/contract, who do I speak to?

Contact the Controllers Office Grants Accountant responsible for your grant.

What F&A rate should be used for an application going to a foundation?

UWGB may choose to accept the F&A rate offered by the sponsor if, justification and documentation are provided. An indirect costs waiver form must be completed and approved by the provost, the form is available from the OGR and is included in the pre-submission process routing for institutional review and approval.

General Post-Award

Can I rebudget on my award?

The terms and conditions of the award specify which programmatic and budgetary changes may be made with University approval and which need sponsor approval. In most instances the appropriate terms and conditions will be referenced on the award document. In general many non-federal sponsors are stricter in their adherence to approved budgets than Federal sponsors.

Contact the Controllers Office Grants Accountant responsible for your particular project if you have questions.

How can I obtain a time extension on my award?

The terms and conditions of the award specify which programmatic and budgetary changes may be made with University approval and which need sponsor approval. Changes that require sponsor approval require institutional concurrence. Contact the Controllers Office grants accountant responsible for your project.

Where should grant/contract payments be sent?

Grant and contract payments should be made payable to Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. Send payment to the following address:

UW-Green Bay
Controllers Office ES109E
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001

How do I prepare invoices for my projects?

The Controllers Office is responsible for preparation and submission of all invoices related to sponsored programs. PI's or departmental staff should never submit an invoice directly to a sponsor.

Do I have to monitor my sponsored projects?

Yes. As a Principal Investigator you are responsible for insuring that only allowable costs related to your project are charged to the sponsored account.

Who prepares the financial reports?

The Controllers Office Grants Accountant will prepare all invoices and financial reports in the format and frequency required by the sponsor.

Federal Post-Award

What is the balance on my account?

Check the balance with your Grants Accountant or review your grant account on WISDM.

If another department within UWGB will be spending on my grant, how do I get their funding to them?

Contact your Grants Accountant prior to the initial set-up of the account to discuss project accounts.

How much direct money do I have to spend?

Each federal agency has different regulations regarding spending on a grant. Therefore, it is best to contact the grants accountant who is responsible for your grant.

When do the F&A and fringe benefits get calculated on the account?

F&A and fringe benefits are calculated once a month at month end based on actual expenses incurred during the month.

When do the fringe benefits and F&A get deducted from my account?

Actual charges for fringe benefits and F&A are based on actual expenses incurred during the monthly period and charged to the account once a month on the last posting date prior to month end close.

I am leaving UWGB and would like to transfer my federal grant to my new institution. How do I do this?

Contact the OGR and your grants accountant to discuss transfer of your grant. Please remember that UWGB is the grant awardee and depending upon the nature of the project, may choose not to transfer the grant award to another institution.