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Office of Grants & Research

Service & Responsibilities

The OGR ensures accountability, compliance and stewardship for sponsored programs as directed by the values of the office and by all applicable Federal, State, UW System and University policies, procedures and regulations.

We provide the following services:

Personalized assistance in identifying potential funding sources

  • COS
  • SPIN

Assistance with project conceptualization and development

  • Individual consultation in the early stages of conceptualizing
  • Developing a fundable project plan

Preparation of pre-proposals, proposals and contracts

  • Review and analysis of agency program guidelines
  • Review and comment on drafts of pre-proposals and proposals
  • Preparation of standard contracts and sub-contracts
  • Compilation of agency cover sheets and other forms
  • Acquiring all internal reviews, sign-offs, and institutional certifications
  • Electronic Submissions (submissions to GRANTS.GOV, NSPIRES (NASA) and NSF (FastLane) must be officially submitted by the Office of Grants and Research after the PI/PD has uploaded all the information and allowed AOR (Authorized Organizational Representative) access to submit the application.)

Budget development

  • Development of itemized and summary budgets
  • Application of appropriate fringe and indirect cost rates
  • Completion of agency budget forms

Post-submission services

  • Follow-up contacts with funding agencies
  • Budget negotiation and processing of award notification
  • Coordinating the establishment of grant accounts
  • Planning for revision and resubmission of un-funded proposals
  • RCR Tracking (the IFR will track and keep on file all online RCR training module completion and certification.)