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Institutional & Regional Info

We live in Northeast Wisconsin (most of us) and work here but how much do we really know about our University and Community? We probably know more than we realize but it would be nice to have something already in ink, to utilize for our grant writing, grant project and grant reporting activities. The following links might just provide exactly what the funding agency is asking you for and what you need to include in your proposal, progress or final report.

Demographic Statistics for UW-Green Bay

  • Common UWGB Data Sets (basic campus information)
  • Customized UWGB Demographics Data Search
  • Student Demographics
  • Learning Technology Center Resources - includes webpage development and supporting hardware and software not commonly available

Demographic Statistics for Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin

Children in Green Bay: An excellent source for both county and state statistics is the Kids Count national data compilations on the well-being of children provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. You may view this information online at While most states are accessible through this website, always consult individual state statistical directories for more detailed state and local data.

Regional Demographics: The United States Census Bureau offers a variety of statistics at the national, state, county, and census tract levels. (Census tracts are the smallest geographic areas for which Census data is available.) Visit the Census homepage at, the State and County Quick Facts locator at, and for census tract information. Searches can be conducted with an address or by isolating an area on a map!