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Office of Grants & Research

Multi-Institutional Projects

When UW-Green Bay is the Lead Institution

Obtain authorized budgets, letters of intent and scope of work signed by collaborator’s institutional officials.

Coordinate submission of materials in accordance with university policy and sponsor guidelines. The pre-submission deadline of a complete application for UWGB institutional review is, five (5) days prior to the sponsor deadline.

Subcontracting with Federal Agencies:
Rarely, PIs might need to subcontract work to a federal agency grant or contract to the University. It is preferred to have the sponsor fund the federal agency directly, since federal agencies cannot accept the university’s standard subcontract and flow down terms and conditions. Sponsor directed funding should be discussed with the IFR staff and explored with the sponsor’s Program Officer at the time of the grant submission.

When UW-Green Bay is NOT the Lead Institution

All grant and contract policies apply to applications where UW-Green Bay is a collaborator/sub-grantee.

PIs are responsible for preparing a budget, letter of intent, scope of work and an endorsement form for review and approval by the OGR.

These items must proceed thru the typical institutional review and approval for grants, prior to submission to the lead institution or sponsor. Please note that the lead institution is likely to have their own internal review and approval process which will advance the deadline even closer.