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Office of Grants & Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to get approvals to submit a proposal?
In most cases, grants are made to institutions, not individuals (i.e., UWGB is the Grantee; you are the Principal Investigator [PI]), and the Sponsor requires the proposal to be submitted with an authorized institutional signature. In addition, you need the approval of your department, division and the university, to assure that needed facilities and resources are available and that accepting an award is not in conflict with your responsibilities.

The Office of Grants and Research will review the proposal to determine if it conforms to UWGB policy, satisfies the Sponsor's requirements, and if the budget contains the correct budget items such as salary, fringe benefits, correct indirect, graduate student tuition, etc.. The Office of Grants and Research has experience with all aspects of awards from federal, state and other government agencies, as well as most foundation procedures for submitting grant proposals, and has access to NSF's FastLane, Grants.Gov and other electronic filing systems. Whether your proposal is to be submitted electronically or in paper copy, once your proposal is finished, the Office of Grants and Research can complete the final submission.

Do I have to do this for all proposals, even those that are being submitted for reconsideration or continuation?
Yes. Institutional approval is still necessary for the reasons mentioned above, and also because of the need for accurate record-keeping.

In these instances, the Office of Grants and Research recommends that you discuss your project budget with the Controller's office first. All continuation grants/contracts are post award issues and may have carry-over funds, salary or other budget related issues not known or retrievable by the Office of Grants and Research. This will ensure a timely review and approval process for all similar resubmissions, and project continuation grant requests.

Do I have to request support for grad students?
No. We encourage you to request (graduate assistantship) support for your grad students, but it is not a requirement of the university.

What about the 2 (working) day pre-deadline expectation?
The Office of Grants and Research requests 5 working days in advance for application processing, the university internal approval process is simply a part of that 5-day process. If you knowingly supply a penultimate draft or incomplete application, the pre-deadline has not been met and we may be able to only assist you in completing the application process.

For paper copy submissions only: please account for duplications needed and mailing time. Providing the Office of Grants and Research less than five days to review, route for institutional approval, copy and mail the submission in time to meet a sponsor's deadline is at the PI's discretion and will require the PI to assist or assume all responsibility of the routing and submission process. If the application is incomplete, and for the reasons mentioned above, it will likely delay the routing and submission process.

But what about "emergencies" close to the deadline?
We will do all we can to help in such circumstances. The favor of advance notice - e.g., an e-mail saying: "I will be working on the final draft of my NSF proposal up to the very last minute, which is 5 PM Friday" - will be appreciated, so we can be sure someone is available. If multiple grants are due on the same day, we will resort to a "first come, first serve basis" and request your full cooperation and patience.

What are the Contract Review and Signature Procedures?
The principle investigator is not an official signatory for the University and, therefore, MUST NOT sign contracts or memorandums of agreement (MOA).

All contracts for funded proposals-including amendments and subcontracts-must be reviewed by the Office of Grants and Research. All contracts and MOAs will require internal review and approval and must include a Statement of Work (SOW), Budget and Budget Description must accompany each Contract or MOA.

Any required signatures will be obtained by the Office of Grants and Research.