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Office of Grants & Research

Routing & Approval


ALL proposals must have completed the institutional review and approval prior to submission. The pre-submission deadline to submit a final and complete grant/contract proposal application, to the Office of Grants and Research, is 5 working days prior to the sponsor deadline.

Before actually writing the grant, you should consult with:

  1. The Director of the Office of Grants and Research
  2. Department/Division to assure that the grant is in compliance with the mission of the institution and it poses no conflicts within the school.

When your grant is complete, you will need to:

  1. Provide an electronic copy of the complete grant/contract application to the Office of Grants and Research at least five working days (pre-submission) prior to the sponsor deadline, for internal review and routing for approval and submission. The OGR will review and identify any changes required and will provide institutional review and endorsement of the proposal and return the final submitted copy to the PI.
  2. Be available during this time to review the final application and sign off on all internal review forms to initiate the university review process.
  3. Be available to answer questions the reviewers may have in regards to your project, budget or any applicable assurances.

Copies of Grants will be housed in the Office of Grants and Research and the Controller's Office. A copy will be sent to the PI/Grant Writer, if requested.