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Office of Grants & Research

Tips for Avoiding Delays

If a PI is also the department or unit head, he/she cannot sign the Extramural Support Transmittal Form (ETF) where a department or unit Chair signature is required. Instead, the individual the PI reports to must sign.

Discuss the Project in Advance
Your unit head and grants accountant should understand any issues or commitments related to projects. Be sure to discuss with your unit Chair and Dean commitments proposed at the university level.

Pre-review Budget & Sponsor Application Forms
Discuss and pre-review the budget and sponsor application forms-especially contract proposals-with your the grants accountant or the OGR. With the various sponsor requirements, the most common delays stem from incorrect application in budgets of IDC rates, fringe benefit rates, employee salaries, and sponsor requirements.

Multiple departments, colleges, or units involved
Signatures from the PI, co-PIs and all unit heads are required on the ETF -allow enough time to obtain them. Be sure to discuss and agree upon the distribution of credit, shared IDC and any commitments at the college level.

Special Clearances
Proposals involving animals, human subjects, rDNA or environmental impact research all require special approvals. Submit forms for these approvals BEFORE submitting your proposal for internal review and approval.

Cost Sharing/Matching Funds
If UW-Green Bay is providing cost sharing/matching funds to the project, this includes faculty or staff time in addition to actual dollars, a signed letter, memo or email from the budget director for the department email must be attached.

IDC Waivers and Variances
While discouraged, you may submit a request to the OGR at least one week before submitting your proposal. It is the authorized representative's prerogative to approve any waiver or variance to the institutions' federally negotiated IDC rate. All request must be accompanied by the funding agency's policy regarding IDC recovery. If no policy exists, the waiver or variance will most likely be denied.

Using Messengers
If you use a messenger to send your proposal to the OGR for a signature, be sure the project contact is available for a consultation by phone in case questions arise.