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Configuring TCP\IP for Windows

  1. If you are running Windows XP with the XP style start menu:
    From the Start Menu choose Control Panel. Click Network and Internet Connections. Click Network Connections.

    If you are running Windows XP with the classic style start menu or Windows 2000:
    From the Start Menu choose Settings, then Control Panel. Double click Network Connections.

  2. Double-click on the Local Area Connection.

  3. Click Properties.

  4. If Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is listed, make sure it has a check next to it and skip to step 8. If not...

  5. Click Install.

  6. Select Protocol and click Add.

  7. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click OK.

  8. Return to the "Local Area Connection Properties" window and Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and select Properties.

  9. Select Obtain an IP address automatically; select Obtain DNS address automatically.

  10. Click the OK button to return to the Local Area Connection Properties.

  11. Click the Close button to save your changes.

  12. Restart your computer and you should have access to Internet resources.