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Cable Specifications

The proper cable to connect your computer to the wall data jack in your room is a category 5E (or category 6) data cable with an RJ-45 connector. These are available for purchase at the Phoenix Bookstore. The cable should run around the perimeter of the room, and not be placed under furniture or in traffic areas. Also, it should not be pulled so tight as to strain the cable connections. Cables should not be taped to walls or carpeting since they damage the walls and carpets. You will be charged for any damage that occurs.

In all of our accommodations, there are now enough data jacks so that each student has their own without using a splitter. The ethernet cables can be plugged into the jack with either end of the cable (both ends of the cable are the same).

Please call the Housing IT Service Center at 920-465-5617 with any questions. 

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