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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a virus on my computer and My machine is quarantined. What do I need to do?

You can also take your machine to the Housing IT Service Center - they will assist in getting your machine up and running and back on ResNet.

How fast is RESNET?

Your computer will connect to ResNet at physical ethernet speeds up to one gigabit per second. However, your traffic throughput is limited when you attempt to go the Internet. Individual connection limits vary depending upon the time of day and the type of traffic. Currently these limits are such that students should not have speed problems. If they do, there is likely some unique issue, such as they are engaging in peer-to-peer networking (limited to 5 kilobits/second at all times), they have been rate limited due to some previous excessive bandwidth consumption occurrence, or there's a problem with their machine and/or software.

The current bandwidth limits are: 30 Mb/s Up and Down.

Weekly aggregate traffic use is also limited to 75 gigabytes. This use is monitored on a week by week basis from each Monday through the following Sunday. Students who exceed 75 gigabytes in traffic will be notified and will be limited to 512 kbits/second for the next week or until their use falls below the 75 gigabyte/week level.

Is my activity monitored?

As far as monitoring goes, we do this to the extent that we must to ensure that excessive bandwidth is not being used by any individual for a significant period of time (generally one hour or more). Information for the highest bandwidth use connections are displayed, but the individual user cannot be identified. We can trace a connection to a specific port in Housing and then we must try to determine the user, if possible, based on computer name. We maintain a log for 180 days for each connection from a Housing network address to Internet sites. However, we do not collect any information about what content or information was exchanged on the network.

Can I use the Wireless network for Gaming?

Only devices that support the 802.1X standard for authentication are allowed to connect to the UWGB Wireless network. Many game consoles do have wireless connection capabilities, but most do not support the 802.1x standard. As of the summer of 2013, no consoles from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft support 802.1X. For game consoles that do not support 802.1x, they can only be connected to the ResNet using an ethernet cable and data jack in your residence (blue or gray jacks only). You can purchase patch cables from the Bookstore. Some consoles may require a network adapter in order to use an ethernet cable, which must be purchased from a retailer.