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Personal Wireless Device Policy

Personal wireless access points/routers and wireless printers are not allowed in the University Residence Halls or in any University buildings.  Using VOIP or smart phones as an access point is also not allowed.  Basically, any device that broadcasts using the IEEE 802.11 standard in the 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz frequency bands are not allowed unless their wireless interfaces are disabled.  This policy is required to prevent interference of personal devices with the University wireless service. 

Wireless printers should have their wireless interface disabled and be connected to your computer via a USB cable.  Wireless printers do not provide sufficient security to prevent others from printing to your printer as well.  

For devices connecting to the UWGB Wireless network, the device must support the 802.1x standard for authentication. 
You may use Blue Tooth to connect to wireless devices such as keyboard, mice, etc.

If University staff find a personal wireless device has been installed that conflicts with the University wireless service, it will be disabled from all network use.