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Virus protection

Make sure your Anti-Virus software is working and is using the most current virus definitions. If you have no AV software or it is expired, please see our recommendations for anti-virus software.

Other helpful Virus Removal Tools

McAfee Stinger Removal Tool - Removes trojans and other viruses.  Click here for more info and download.

Symantec's virus removal tool list can be found here.

Safe Mode Instructions:
If you can't quarantine viruses found on your computer, starting the computer in safe mode and running a virus scan should fix your problem.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Continually press the F8 key until you reach a menu with a number of options.
  3. Choose Safe Mode from the options menu. (Use the arrow keys to make your selection)
  4. Once the computer has entered windows, a warning screen will pop up alerting you to the fact that you have started the computer in Safe Mode. Click 'Yes' since this is what you want to do.
  5. Once the computer has finished booting up into Windows, run your anti-virus program and do a scan on your local drive. (Typically the C: drive)
  6. When this has finished, restart your computer normally and windows will boot up normally.