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Service Committee heads up oral history project

The Oral History Project, under the enthusiastic leadership of Betty Baer, chairperson of the Retiree Association's Service Committee, has been taking great strides to record the early history of UW-Green Bay. The campus archives have already been enriched with several interviews and other material. If you were able to attend last fall's Retiree Dinner, you saw the project's introductory documentary produced by Ginny Dell (currently available on the Association website).

As the project committee continues its work on the early years of the campus (roughly 1965-1975), it needs suggestions for people who might agree to be interviewed by a representative of the oral history project. Interviews are recorded on audio or video media for archiving. The committee intends to identify a minimum of five people for interviews in the current phase of the project, and asks for your suggestions of people that it should consider (from the community, staff or faculty) with direct knowledge of the formative years of the University. In making a suggestion, you do not need to find out whether that person would be willing to be interviewed; the committee will take care of that. But it would be most helpful if you could add some brief biographical information (position at the University, approximate years of employment, and anything else that you consider important to this project).

Please send suggestions and whatever information you feel might be helpful to Betty Baer.

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