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Retiree Assocaition

Resources and Benefits

Retiree, Emerita and Emeritus ID Card

Announcing the new UW-Green Bay Retiree Card! This card is Free courtesy of the Retiree Association, and gives retirees access to campus privileges such as PassPoints and discounts to campus venues. For more information, click here.

Retiree E-mail Account

UW-Green Bay retirees are eligible for a free e-mail account. This benefit makes it easier for retirees to receive campus communication, contact other retirees and stay connected to UW-Green Bay.

Find out more about requesting a Retiree E-mail Account.

Campus Retiree Listserv

The campus retiree listserv (uwgbretirees-L) is a great way to keep in touch. UW-Green Bay retirees and current employees with an interest in this list may subscribe by sending the single line message 'subscribe uwgbretirees-L' to

Social Opportunities

Annual Fall Dinner MeetingPhoto of Retiree Association Dinner, October 2010.

At its annual fall dinner meeting, members elect officers and a Board of Directors that, in turn, establishes membership, service, communication, and program committees.

See the Retiree Events Schedule for more detailed information.

Retirees Golf OutingPhoto taken at Retiree Association Benefit Golf Outing, August 2011.

See photos from the 2012 Retirees Golf Outing.


Founded in September 2008 with the encouragement and support of senior campus officials, the Retiree Association promotes and nurtures mutually beneficial relationships between the campus and its retirees. More specifically, its goals are:

  • To support the mission of the campus and enrich its community.
  • To provide a place and a focus for continued intellectual, creative, and social engagement of retired faculty and staff with their University.
  • To provide connections between the University and its retirees which encourage positive participation in collegial life and opportunities for contributions and service to the University and the Green Bay area community.
  • To affirm the value of the University’s employees, both before and after they attain status as retirees.

To the extent possible the Retiree Association also works in support of the interests of all UW-Green Bay retirees.

Membership Information

To learn more about eligibility, dues and contact information, or to become a member, visit our membership Information page.