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Retiree Assocaition

Launching the Dream

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Video Segment 2: Transcript

Founding Chancellor Edward Weidner
at the First Faculty-Staff Breakfast on the New Campus
September 6, 1969

Because we are, as all of you know, trying to do something different. Something better. Something that’s suitable to the demands of the late 20th century. Something that is suitable to the horrible conditions – and some nice conditions, too – that beset our world and our society. We’re trying to answer the demands of young people for relevant, meaningful, involving kind of curriculum, which will prepare themselves, yes, vocationally, but also prepare themselves very much for useful social roles to change this world in a way which the generation for which suppose I don’t know as I can speak for, but at least that I represent. That this generation perhaps hasn’t done quite as well that we had hoped we could do 20 or 40 years ago.

And let me simply just say that we’re a different university from most universities. We’re a different university from over 90% of the universities in the country because of the fact that we do have an academic plan that is specific in orientation. We have an academic plan that is something other than a collection of approvals. We have an academic plan with a philosophy of ecology of the man/environment relationship. And we have to put that plan into effect in as meaningful a way as we can do. This overall thrust of our plan, I think we can say probably we are just about the only university in the state of Wisconsin, private or public, with such a specific kind of academic objective.