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Launching the Dream

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Video Segment 3: Transcript

Prof. Elmer Havens
Interviewed by Prof. Jerry Rodesch
August 5, 2009

Havens: What can we do to serve humanity? We can teach what it is to be humane. Hey, Man is the measure of all things. What better thing can you say about that than that?

Rodesch: This was the 60s, too.

Havens: Oh, yeah.

Rodesch: Context for setting up the university at that time is hard to recapture now.

Havens: Oh, absolutely!

Rodesch: But there was a kind of general expectation of change going on

Havens: Absolutely!

Rodesch: That the old ways are going to be abandoned.

Havens: Right! The old ways are going to be abandoned and we’re going to march into a newer brighter day and we’re all going to change things and politics are going to be different.

Rodesch: And that really made the initial planning for UWGB possible.

Havens: Right.

Rodesch: It wouldn’t have happened, otherwise.

Havens: Right. I don’t think it would, I don’t think it would. I think we’re part of the revolutionary ferment. Although some of us are more eager about it than others. And now I don’t really think, you know, well it’s okay, but now today you talk to younger faculty about it and they think you’re nuts. “Why do you bother with that stuff?”