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Retiree Assocaition

Launching the Dream

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Video Segment 5: Transcript

Alumnus Michael Stearney
Interviewed by Prof. Joan Thron
September 3, 2009

The ecology focus was really important to me. And I was thinking that problem-solving thing. At that time there was a lot of work going on with ecology and the Bay of Green Bay and things like that. You get the sense that it wasn’t just in the abstract. That there were these — at the time, and still are — really urgent ecological environmental problems and here’s a place that was actually doing something about them.

And another that just struck me as I was thinking back on those days is how diverse, geographically diverse, the people I connected with were. Literally in the one building where most of my friends lived, there were people from Massachusetts, New York City, Cleveland, Michigan, Ghana, California, Oklahoma. I don’t think that it was just, like, the out-of-state students were all living in the same place. The place really did appeal to — Alaska, too — people from a very broad geographic area. This place really did pull in people from all over.