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Retiree Assocaition

Launching the Dream

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Video Segment 7: Transcript

Alumnus Michael Stearney
Interviewed by Prof. Joan Thron
September 3, 2009

The other thing I just really, really remember was the close relationship that we had with the faculty. I mean, things like Environmental Science faculty would have a big trout boil and invite like, everyone, all the majors. They were justó I donít know how they pulled that off or paid for it. But somehow they did that and you would hang around with faculty in the lunch room and you could stop by anybodyís office almost any time. It was just, I guess I felt closer to faculty than I sense our students now feel to their faculty. And then, that may not be true. Iím sure thereís still pockets of that. But it was, it permeated the place at the time.