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Fleet Vehicle Policy

The Driver Authorization process has changed effective August 21, 2008, please see instructions below.

Anyone driving while on State business must be an authorized driver. This policy applies whether one drives a fleet vehicle, a rental vehicle or a personal vehicle while on State business. An authorized driver is a state employee, University student, agent of the University (volunteers may fall in this category) or an approved independent contractor who has completed a Vehicle Use Agreement and meets Department of Administration (DOA) mandated minimum driving standards. You must be an authorized driver to reserve a fleet vehicle. Reimbursement for rental vehicles and personal mileage expenses incurred while driving on University business can be denied if the driver is not an authorized driver.

General Information Vehicle Use Agreement
Minimum Driving Standards Notarized Statement of Driving Record
Fleet Policy Summary Driver Authorization Verification
Instructions for obtaining driver authorization
Online Driver Authorization Verification
Campus Contacts for vehicle use issues

General Information: -Top-

Minimum Driving Standards – Individuals must meet the following minimum standards to be granted driver authorization:


Instructions for obtaining driver authorization

  1. Read through the statewide Fleet Driver and Management Policies and Procedures (DOA-3068P) at


  2. Click on the Vehicle Use Agreement link and follow instructions on submittal form.
  3. Out of state license holders must complete the Notarized Statement of Driving Record and submit with the Vehicle Use Agreement.
    1. Send or bring completed form to Christopher Paquet, CL 830 (ext. 2110) at least ten (10) working days prior to departure.
  4. Applicants who meet minimum driving standards and are approved to drive on University business will receive an e-mail notification.

  5. Denial of this application is automatic when driver has:
    • Three or more moving violations or at fault accidents in last two years
    • An OWI or DUI driving violation within last twelve months
    • Falsified statements of his/her driving record
    • Less than two years driving experience
–Top– Online Driver Authorization Verification
You can check online whether you or someone you supervise is an authorized driver. Use the Authorization Verification link to access the verification web page. Enter the driver's first and last name or email address and submit. The process will then search the database for an exact match. If it finds an exact match, a message will be displayed that this person is authorized to drive. If it doesn't find an exact match, it will ask you to check your spelling and re-submit. If you have problems verifying if someone is able to drive, please contact Christopher Paquet.


Campus Contacts for vehicle use issues:

  Insurance related issues   Christopher Paquet, paquetc@uwgb.edu
  Car rental issues Tracy Van Erem , vaneremt@uwgb.edu
  Travel reimbursement questions Cheryl Pieper, pieperc@uwgb.edu
  Driver authorization Process Christopher Paquet , paquetc@uwgb.edu
  Fleet vehicle reservations  Peggy Van Rixel, vanrixep@uwgb.edu