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Exposure Control for Bloodborne Pathogens

What to do if you've been exposed
BBP Spill Cleanup Procedures
BBP Exposure Control Plan for UW-Green Bay

Post-exposure Follow Up Procedures
BBP Exposure Incident Report Form
Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form
Supervisors responsible for UW-Green Bay compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogen Rule

Post-exposure Follow Up Procedures

UW-Green Bay employees who believe they have been exposed to a BBP while on the job should follow the procedures listed for exposure follow up:
  1. Wash area thoroughly.
  2. Report incident to supervisor and begin medical follow up promptly.
  3. Complete Incident Report Form.
  4. Call Prevea WorkMed at 405-1420 for a phone consultation. (This number is available 24 hours a day.)  This extension is answered by Prevea WorkMed health care professionals. Identify yourself as an UW-Green Bay employee seeking advice on bloodborne pathogen exposure follow up.
  5. Depending on time of day and results of phone consultation, proceed either to East Mason Prevea WorkMed at 3021 Voyager Drive or to St. Vincent ER for follow up.
Note: A potential exposure has occurred when one of the following has happened:

Access to consultations on follow up procedures when an exposure occurs is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UW-Green Bay students who believe they have been exposed to a BBP should consult with UW-Green Bay Student Health Services or their health care provider for exposure follow up.

Contact Jill Fermanich (ext. 2273) if you have further questions concerning this policy.