Safety & Environmental Management

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Revised: April, 2000

Appendix B

The OSHA Laboratory Standard requires provisions for additional employee (and student) protection for work with particularly hazardous substances including select carcinogens and reproductive toxins. Provisions suggested include:

  1. establishment of a designated area for use
  2. use of containment devices such as a fume hood
  3. decontamination procedures
UWGB has adopted the following policy concerning the use of carcinogens in a laboratory setting:

Carcinogens may not be used in laboratories where a fume hood is not available. If carcinogens are being used in a laboratory with a functioning fume hood the following must be done:

  1. Label carcinogens and area appropriately.
  2. Inform all employees and students of the nature of the hazard and required work procedures.
  3. Designate the fume hood as the area in which the carcinogen is used.
  4. Make sure the fume hood functions properly and employees and students know how to correctly use a fume hood.
  5. Make sure goggles, gloves and lab aprons are used when handling carcinogens.
It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff person supervising a laboratory to ensure this policy is followed.